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on why women golfers often feel intimidated on the course or by male golfers.

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about all aspects of the game of golf, anything you ever need to know.

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I show you exactly what you need to look out for when buying clubs for ladies.

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including a large, fully illustrated chapter on Yoga for Golfers.

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by teaching you how to improve virtually every aspect of your game

Plenty of other useful info

this is information written by an experienced Lady Golfer for Lady Golfers.

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Chapter 1


Lady Golfers – the very real issue of being intimidated on the golf course, while serious, needs to be put behind us. Given that women are more flexible than men, have more efficient swings, and are more naturally suited to the game than our male counterparts one has to wonder why we are so intimidated by being on the course or by male golfers?

While the average male does have more upper body strength than the average female, pound for pound, women get the job done more efficiently and more consistently than our muscle-bound friends do. Given the extra weight (we’ll try to be nice here) and strength of the male, you would think that they could out-hit us by a considerable margin – but they don’t. Consider the petite five foot 2 inch, 90 pound, middle-aged Lady Golfer cracking the ball 150 yards. Then consider the 180-pound muscle bound 22-year-old. He sizes the ball up, leverages all of his strength and sends it 180 yards slicing down the fairway into the woods. Even if he hits it 200-220 yards, the effort required to generate the result is far greater than the efficient engine our Lady Golfer represents. Ladies, there is just no comparison.

Chapter 3

Anatomy of a Golf Course

The simple objective of this game is to hit a small spherical object called a golf ball into a hole using a piece of equipment called a golf club.

Technically, all you need is one golf club and one golf ball. You can perform this task with one stroke or one hundred strokes. Of course, your goal is to sink the ball with as few strokes as possible.  That is where the difficulty lies.

As we said earlier, golf is played by holes. It should be noted that “hole” can mean either the actual hole in the ground into which the ball is played, or the whole area from the teeing ground (an area of specially prepared grass from where a ball is first hit) to the putting green (the area around the actual hole in the ground). Most golf courses consist of 9 or 18 holes. (The “19th hole” is the colloquial term for the bar at a club house.) For the shortest holes a good player requires only one stroke to hit the ball to the green. On longer holes the green is too far away to reach it with the first stroke, so that one or more strokes are played from the fairway (where the grass is cut so low that most balls can be easily played) or from the rough (uncut grass or ground not prepared at all).

Many holes include hazards, namely bunkers (also called sand traps), from which the ball is more difficult to play than from grass, and water hazards (lakes, ponds, rivers, etc). Special rules apply to playing balls that come to rest in a hazard which make it highly undesirable to play a ball into one.

Let’s look at some of the components of a golf course in a bit more detail:

Chapter 4

Care & Maintenance of Clubs

Since you have invested in a set of golf clubs, you should keep them in good condition.  Take good care of them, and they’ll take good care of your scores.

Here are some tips on the maintenance and care of golf clubs:

– It’s hard to return from a round without your clubs getting dirty. Mud, sand, or squashed grass will adhere to the grooves on your clubheads. This will affect the flight of the golf ball. Use a wet towel to wipe mud off the clubhead and use a brush to clean the grooves. Don’t use metal objects such as a metal brush or nails.

– After a round, wash the clubs with water and wipe them dry with a cloth. If you have time, spread the clubs out to dry before putting them back in your bag.

– At home, soak your clubheads in a pail of soapy water. Clean the grooves of your clubs with a stiff fiber of plastic brush. Don’t use a metal brush.

– Grips need to be replaced after some time. Check if the dimples remain. If not, its time to change grip.

– Re-gripping a club is not difficult if you know how to do it. You can buy a re-gripping package with detailed instructions on how to re-grip a club.

Chapter 7

How to Hit a Draw


A study was conducted by Golf Digest to determine the distance traveled by the golf ball by two shots: the fade and the draw.  Under similar conditions, the draw outdistanced the fade by 17 yards. That’s a lot of yardage!


Your ball starts straight and then curves slowly to the left.

Unlike the hook, the draw is a controllable shot and very handy to know.


1. Stand more upright for a flatter swing.

2. Align your feet and shoulders to the right of the target –assume a closed stance.

3. Set your clubface square to the ball and facing the target line.

4. Pull your clubhead along your body alignment. It should go slightly to the inside of the target line. Your clubface should remain pointing to the target line.

5. Swing across your body line. This creates an in-to-out swing.

6. Let your right hand roll over your left hand through impact.

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Chapter overviews

Here is the basic Table of Contents – the actual TOC has additional sub-sections so you can find specific sections of interest much faster.

Chapter 1

Page 6-8: Women and Golf

Chapter 2

Page 9-13: A brief History of Golf

Chapter 3

Page 14 – 22: Anatomy of a Golf Course

Chapter 4

Page 23 – 44: Equipment Overview for Lady Golfers
Page 45 – 53: Purchasing Golf Equipment – What to look out for
Page 54: Care and Maintenance of Clubs
Page 55: What to look for in Golf Shoes

Chapter 5

Page 57 – 64: basic Rules of the Game

Chapter 6

Page 65 – 74: Golf How To’s

Chapter 7

Page 75 – 88: Essential Golf Tips for Lady Golfers
Page 89 – 131: Extensive Golf Lessons for Lady Golfers
Page 132 – 154: Advanced Golf Shots and Trouble Shooting
Page 155 – 164: Golf Game Tactics

Chapter 8

Page 165 – 172: Fitness Tips for Lady Golfers
Page 173 – 195: Improve your Golf with Yoga
Page 196 – 197: Kids and Golf
Page 198 – 222: Golf Glossary

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Testimonials from our Readers

Here are some recent Testimonials from Ladies who have purchased this eBook. Once you have done so I would very much appreciate your feedback as well… Thank You!

Harriett Smolder from Del Mar, California

Hi Anniket, I have purchased your book some two weeks ago, and just I had to write to tell you how well it worked for me. Your book got me hooked right away as I have NEVER seen such a complete golf publication, especially not one dedicated to us women golfers.

Together with my husband I keep watching the golf channel, but I don't get much out of it. My husband always tries to analyse everything and then explain it to me, but I often don't get what he is talking about. Your book explains all I need to know in an easily understandable fashion, without fluff and to the point. Now that I have a much better understanding that I can actually discuss my game with my Hubby. I can even correct him on occasion, how about that! I can practice with a purpose and check my results more easily, thanks to all the tips and lessons you provide. Thank you so much for making this knowledge available, it has definitely improved my game.

Liz from Clearwater, Florida

Anniket, I normally don't give testimonials, but I have to make an exception here because I think your book is fantastic! Your book is exactly what it says on your website. I especially like the section on Yoga for Golfers. I have always looked at Yoga to improve my game, but I never followed through with it. Your instructions gave me finally the push to do it, and it has helped a great deal in my flexibility, and of course my golf. I especially love the illustrations, they show exactly how to do it. I still need to work on many of the other golf tips and the lessons you provide, it is just soo much info that it will take some time. I am certain that this is the best golf related purchase I have made so far, thank you so much for it!

Heather McMartin from Perth, Australia

Dear Anniket, I bought your Lady Golfers Guide (receipt number #########) a few days back. [Note: deleted for customer protection] I am usually rather reluctant to buy over the internet, but this was one purchase I am very glad I did. Your book has given me a thorough understanding of golf, especially in terms of proper set-up (address, grip) and swing. I realized all the faults I had and have worked on them - what a difference it made on my game!! I gladly recommend your magnificent book to any new golfer and would advise that this is money very well spent.

Marion Sherman

This book had given me the inspiration to correct my swing and learn how to play Golf. And I thought older people could not learn new tricks! Thank you. I shall read it in detail now to brush up and learn.

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About the author

Dear Fellow Lady Golfer,

did you know that women are more flexible than men, have more efficient swings, and are more naturally suited to the game than our male counterparts? That being a fact one has to wonder why we are so intimidated by being on the course or by male golfers.

Muscle does not make a good swing. Distance alone does not make a good golfer. Yet this, coupled with a certain arrogance by males on the golf course cause a very high level of intimidation even while our muscle-bound friend plays golf no better than we ourselves might.

It stops here!
Together with several qualified golf teaching professionals I have put together the most comprehensive Golfing Guide available for Women Golfers. This learning guide will help Lady Golfers play their best Golf – with no fluff or hype but all the needed facts and knowledge – for less than a lesson from a reputable golf teacher.

From Lady Golfer to Lady Golfer, this book covers every aspect of the game, from improvement tips and lessons to equipment tips to rules and course management all the way to a large section of golf fitness for women, including Yoga for Golfers. Every section of the book is fully illustrated, so you know exactly what to do.

It doesn’t matter if you are an established Lady Golfer or a brand new enthusiast looking to build a strong golf foundation, the ‘Lady Golfers Guide’ will guaranteed help you improve. There are no tricks, fluff or gimmicks, only solid information that will improve your physical and mental golfing skills as well as your general knowledge about golf.

You have probably realized this: most, if not all, golf books out there are directed at male golfers, many of them about how to improve their swing. This doesn’t help us much, hence it was time to create a complete golfing resource for us women only.

Your Anniket Coleman

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